This video clip is sure to make you smile!

MANITOULIN—Need a bit of help to restore your faith that there is good in the world? Then check out a Cheerios cereal advertisement that has received a lot of attention from local residents online recently. 

The Cheerios “Good Goes Around” anthem shows a short clip of a 2018 video in which a member of the Gore Bay tykes hockey team stops skating in the game and helps up a member of the opposing Manitowaning hockey team.

“I was fortunate to catch that on film,” said Mike Zegil, of Gore Bay. “If you watch the video and it doesn’t put a smile on your face there is something wrong.”

“I am proud of my kid,” the dad added, whose daughter Amara was the member of the Gore Bay Bruins tyke hockey team that helped up a player from the Manitowaning team. He explained the Cheerios video came out around 2018, and Petro Canada has also used the clip in one of its commercials. “Everyone will see it online once in a while and will comment, especially if they’ve never seen it before.” 

The clip starts at about the 40 second mark of the commercial and can be found on the internet. The clip is set to the song ‘Lean on Me.’

Amara Zegil (right in photo), a member of the Gore Bay Bruins type hockey team, helps up a member of the opposing Manitowaning hockey team in 2018. This is a screenshot from a video clip on a Cheerios “Good Goes Around” anthem that can be found online. The video is pretty much guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.