Timeless Beauty Spa offers Islanders a soothing atmosphere and experience

Theresa Phiri is the owner of Timeless Beauty Spa, which recently opened in Gore Bay.

GORE BAY – The first thing you notice when you walk into Timeless Beauty Spa is soothing music and fragrance with the calming sound of waterfalls in the background. The spa, located below The Codmother’s restaurant in Gore Bay, opened in October. It aims to offer a spa experience of a lifetime. “The whole idea is to keep people looking and feeling as young as they possibly can,” said owner Theresa Phiri.

She has been pleasantly surprised at the excitement about her newest venture. “We’ve seen many people come in through the doors to congratulate us, wish us well and encourage us to keep up the good work,” she shared. 

She believes one of the reasons people visit the spa and return is because they love the ambience. “There’s a sense of relaxation and peace when they walk in. It’s not hurried,” said Ms. Phiri. “Most importantly, their skin care needs are met and that is the main intention and goal for the spa. The secret ingredient is that we love what we’re doing. This is our happy escape place.”

“I believe every aesthetician’s goal, and most rewarding moments, are when they see positive results on their clients’ skin,” Ms. Phiri stated. “For instance, when someone has a skin condition or issue and their skin begins to heal and they are happy with the results, that is extremely rewarding. That is why we believe what we do here adds value to people’s lives, by preserving youth and building confidence and self-esteem.”

“Beauty is part of science,” she pointed out. “Skin is the largest organ on our bodies. Its main functions are protecting and defending against harmful environmental pollutants. Skin regulates temperature, excretes toxins, secretes a mixture of oils to give skin a naturally soft and supple look and feel and it absorbs vitamins and minerals. Last but not least, it helps to detect sensations such as heat, cold, pain and pressure. Knowing this helps us to simultaneously work directly with the skin, to manipulate it to gain certain positive results.”

The spa offers facials from basic to advanced, including microdermabrasion and chemical peels, and waxing services. They are introducing pedicures at a small scale for now, sunless tanning in spring and summer, and other body treatments will be added soon.

Ms. Phiri is a graduate of The Salon and Spa Career College and also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree. After graduating from aesthetics school, she opened her own business in Toronto, which turned out to be a great challenge as a single mother. “I was doing all the marketing and promotional work. We spent whole days at nearby malls placing flyers on parked cars. Social media was not like it was today. We had to find interesting guerilla strategies to get noticed.”

Unfortunately, she had to close the operation and went on to work for the Dove Spa company, which operated in and around the Greater Toronto Area. “I learned a lot,” Ms. Phiri said, even winning an award of excellence in guest/team relations. She went on to join Mayfair private clubs, working in their elegant spas. Following that, she moved into the corporate world where she gained the qualities of resilience, perseverance, self-motivation, recruiting, team building and prospecting. “All of these experiences prepared the way to this space and time.”

The tides of the universe then pulled her to Manitoulin Island. One day, Judith Martin, owner of The Codmother’s, was at Ms. Phiri’s home and saw a room which contained all the spa equipment from her previous business. Ms. Martin offered to rent her the lower level in her restaurant building. “I resisted at first,” remembered Ms. Phiri. “I explained to her that although the idea was tempting, I had failed the first time. She continued to encourage and nudge me and offered her support.

Ms. Phiri thanked Judith and her husband Wayne for giving her the push she needed. “They’re amazing people,” she said. “We thank everyone for coming out to support us with welcoming gifts, for purchasing services or sending people to us, and for including us in local town events.” 

She acknowledged all the local residents who have showed love and encouragement. “We promise to give you the best service and a safe environment to relax and enjoy being spoiled,” she said. 

The spa wouldn’t be where it is today without her business partner, Richard Lapointe, who played a major role by believing in her and supporting the emergence of Timeless Beauty Spa. He also helped with painting and renovating. “With his skillful knowledge and experience, he had the basement turned into a relaxing spot for everyone to enjoy.” 

Ms. Phiri also thanked Mr. Wallace “for his unwavering support” and her daughter for technical support. “Last but not least, I would like to thank my creator for giving me the courage, strength and health to take on this venture,” she said.

Going forward, the vision for the spa is, “to empower and inspire others who are interested in the beauty industry to follow their dreams in this exciting and evolving industry,” she said. Currently, Candace Lee Robitaille is training to be a certified nail technician and will be running a nails station at Timeless Beauty, offering manicures, nail art décor, nail tips and other nail services. 

“We would also like to outsource a registered massage therapist, eyelash technicians and others,” Ms. Phiri said. She encourages anyone who is interested to contact the spa. 

To book an appointment or find more information on spa services, text 705-905-3310 or email bookings@timelessbeautyspa.ca or timelessbeautyspa962@gmail.com. You can also find Timeless Beauty Spa on Facebook and Instagram.