Tory senators should send Rob Ford a thank you Christmas card

To the Expositor:

I ask you to consider the following: If you were a betting person, what are the chances, or would you wager, that Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy (Canadian senators) are sending Christmas Cards and thank you notes to Mayor Rob Ford this year? I would.

Did you notice as well that “air” time in relation to the Senate scandal was ongoing until Rob Ford’s story broke?

Reasoning! Since Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, has been doing “his thing” at no apparent financial cost to the taxpayer in Canada and at his own expense, the ongoing saga and news of the Team Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and associates, who have pillaged and raped those honest and law abiding taxpayers’ pockets, has gone silent. You think my assumption/wager is a winner?

I would like to go one step further in that Rob Ford should send a Christmas card and thank you note to Senators Wallin and Duffy as what they did is much worse than he has managed to. It is making his activity seem not to offend the core of people’s minimal expectations of politicians. While his behaviour is “off the wall” when it comes to the measure of a community leader, the other Senate scoundrels have managed to break more than one commandment in the Bible that involves the financial well being of citizenry of an entire nation. Added to that is they (senators) are expected to function by the Canadian public as “law makers” not law breakers!

I hope the media keeps a watchful eye and maintains the disclosure to the Canadian public.

Larry Killens
South Baymouth