Town of Gore Bay to develop own garbage collection plan


GORE BAY – Once a firm plan and costing is in place for the Town of Gore Bay to look at having its own garbage collection plan, the business community and local residents will have the opportunity to provide input. 

“Nothing is carved in stone at all at this point,” stated Gore Bay Councillor Kevin Woestenenk after a Gore Bay waste management ad hoc committee meeting held September 20. “But in general, what we are doing is putting a firm plan in place for waste management collection in town, how it would work and costing for it. We are considering this to provide a better level of service for our taxpayers and what they are paying for garbage collection services. This is not about breaking partnerships for the current service (the transfer station partnership with Gordon/Barrie Island). We just want to give our taxpayers a better level of service for the taxes they pay.”

At this point the town is gathering more information toward providing options to bring forward to the town residents.  

Among the options the town has been looking at is remain status quo (continue using the transfer station), the town having its own curbside pickup, or having another company provide these services. As noted, the town is getting a firm plan with options and costing together, and then will bring this to the local businesses and residents. For instance, if businesses would be interested in providing their own dumpsters for garbage pickup, and if residents are favour of in town garbage pickup.

A survey that was conducted at the transfer station indicates that 60 percent of the waste that is brought to the transfer station is from Gore Bay as opposed to 40 percent from Gordon/Barrie Island, said Councillor Woestenenk. However, “it doesn’t reflect the true operating costs. The transfer station still has to be manned, and the town pays these costs as well as the administration costs.” He said the town pays 62 percent of the total costs of operating the transfer station. 

Mr. Woestenenk pointed out that anyone in town that has a private contractor pick up their waste to be taken to the transfer station can still do this with any new system being considered.