Trustee Larry Killens lauds local businesses and organizations for support

To the Expositor:

I am sure that it is well known that I support and advocate as much as I am able to encourage consumers to buy and spend locally when and where possible. I wish to explain to you what this has to do with my role in education as a school board trustee.

I have picked up pen and paper today to share with you my admiration for businesses and thanks for endlessly stepping up to the plate and supporting our communities, more specifically our students. From the Royal Canadian Legion support of public speaking to commerce and business entities extending their financial support in many ways, I say bravo/hurray/thanks/merci/meegwetch and you have no equal. This spirit and act of giving is reverberated on awards night at our high school.

I view from week to week, year in and year out, our local businesses supporting our students, be they figure skaters, hockey players, curlers, or other youth activities. I see their donating gifts, ads on arena walls, and today, I read my newspaper, The Manitoulin Expositor’s Player Profile, as well as Kids in the Hall that allows MSS students to showcase their fellow students and school in articles that would not happen without the financial support of our businesses.

As a public school trustee representing the Manitoulin Island, and speaking on my own behalf, may I say thank you to all businesses and organizations for being there for our kids in all that you do. This statement is a requirement of the Rainbow District School board to include this disclaimer.

Through your endeavors, these various articles/awards and financial support you bestow on them, you empower our students that feeling of ownership of their student community and bragging rights they may wish to exercise. I hope that the consumer looks to your support as reason to buy and invest locally with those who support our own. The purchasing loyalty given to local business translates into one thing only and that is a catalyst to the success of our students.

Words escape me to describe the good feeling I have when I view businesses and organizations supporting our youth. Let’s return their dedication by taking advantage of what they have to offer.

Larry Killens, trustee
South Baymouth