Two Island schools partner with Gore Bay Fish and Game Club to raise fish

Ian Anderson was one of several club members who collected Chinook salmon eggs.

GORE BAY – The Gore Bay Fish and Game Club (GBFGC) has again partnered with two Manitoulin elementary schools to raise Chinook salmon eggs that will be released in Island waters next spring.

The GBFGC “had a very successful gathering of Chinook salmon eggs on Wednesday (of last week) morning,” said Ches Witty, a member of the GBFGC. “We had some very big fish in the 25 pounds and over range that we took the eggs and sperm from.” 

He pointed out six male and four female fish from the Kagawong River were used in the egg collection and their fertilization. 

“Gore Bay Fish and Game Club members and some Kagawong residents assisted,” said Ian Anderson, who pointed out there was a bus load of students from Central Manitoulin Public School (Mindemoya) who attended as observers. “There was a large spawning run of fish in the river taking advantage of some newly created spawning habitat created last year by Manitoulin Streams.”

The male and female fish were spawned and the fertilized eggs were placed in incubation boxes for the school micro-hatcheries to hatch out and rear to fingerling size for release next spring.

Both Charles C. McLean Public School (Gore Bay) and CMPS “are going to have about 192 fish eggs each to raise and release,” said Mr. Witty.  The fish will hatch out later this fall and the students will raise the fish to fingerling size. 

“This ongoing program has been such a success in the schools, teaching the students on the importance of our natural resources and how they can give back in a meaningful and educational way,” said Mr. Anderson.

After being raised in the micro-hatcheries this winter, the fish will be released next spring.