Unorganized townships can now put fire bans in place


ROBINSON TOWNSHIP – Unorganized townships can now, through their fire chief, petition for a fire ban (restricted fire zone, RFZ).

“Here in Robinson Township the (Ontario) fire marshal has given the fire chief the ability to petition for a fire ban (restricted fire zone) when conditions warrant,” a Robinson township volunteer fire department release notes. “This is a new development for the unorganized townships.” 

“Forest fire conditions can vary dramatically between the east end of the Island and the West End,” the release says. It is explained, “under the new regulations the fire chief can fill out a form and the fire marshal will invoke a RFZ within 24 hours. This ban does not affect contained fires for cooking purposes.”
“Bear in mind that the old rule still applies that the fire is started not earlier than two hours before sunset and is extinguished not later than two hours after sunrise the following day, or earlier (the winds tend to be lighter at night and the humidity rises),” the release continues. This rule is in place from April 1 to October 31.”

“Robinson Township is mostly densely forested land and we need your help to prevent a serious forest fire. For more detailed information please refer to the Ontario Forest Fire Prevention Act,” the release notes, adding, “if the restricted fire zone was put on the Robinson Township fire department would immediately notify the press and our mutual aid partners.”