KILLARNEY–The Canadian Coast Guard wishes to advise the public that the response to pollution from a truck in the Killarney Channel continues, and the situation remains stable. The Coast Guard along with partners from all three levels of government and contracted responders continue to ensure safety at the site and protection of the marine environment. 

On Monday December 7th a dump truck carrying gravel was being transported by a tug and barge when the truck entered the water. 

Contracted divers arrived at the scene today (December 9th).  They are examining the truck for any damage to its fuel and hydraulic tanks.  An underwater assessment will help determine the best options for salvaging the truck and mitigating any pollution coming from the truck.

Contractors and the Canadian Coast Guard have deployed a floating barrier known as “boom” to contain pollution on the water surface.

Special vacuums and absorbent materials are being used to collect any product. The shoreline in the area is being washed frequently.

A Safety Notice to Shipping has been issued by the Canadian Coast Guard to alert mariners to the specific hazard to navigation at the area.   The west entrance to the Killarney Channel is closed until further notice.  This notice is being broadcast by the Coast Guard’s Marine Communications and Traffic Services, and is also posted to the Canadian Coast Guard’s website at

 Any sightings of soiled wildlife should be reported to responders on scene.