Update on Noojmowin Teg Health Centre COVID-19 Preparations & Actions

Noojmowin Teg Health Centre is taking the following preparations and actions in response to COVID-19. Be advised, NTHC will remain open for essential health care services as identified below.  The following actions are taking place to ensure the safety and productivity of our clients and employees.

  1. Primary and Clinical Care Services
    1. Services provided by physicians, nurse practitioners, diabetes foot care nurse and the Anishinabek health care navigator will continue face-to-face, and when possible via teleconference, phone or zoom.
    1. Dietitian and diabetes services are to continue via phone, teleconference or zoom.
  2. Health and Wellness Programs
    1. All Health and Wellness workshops are cancelled until further notice
    1. Committee meetings can continue via teleconference or zoom, no face-to-face meetings at this time
    1. Ageing at Home Van Services (AAHV) to continue as an essential service; client screening continues daily, with services available for medical appointments and local grocery shopping only.
    1. Staff working in non-essential care services are to work on a rotating schedule, in-office and from home, limiting the amount of staff in-office at one time.
  3. Traditional Health Services
    1. All workshops are postponed at this time
    1. Traditional Healer Visits– appointments can continue via teleconference, zoom or OTN; some specific services to be cancelled – please contact the office for more inofrmatoin
    1. Cultural Support Services (IRS, MMIWG, SADV), all client walk-ins are cancelled at this time for all locations
    1. Appointments/workshops can continue via teleconference or zoom only
  • Firekeeper – A sacred fire will be lit, and cedar tea will be available for staff daily in the healing lodge
    • Staff working in non-essential care services are to be on a rotating schedule working in-office and from home, limiting the amount of staff in-office at one time.
  • Mental Health & Addictions Services
    • Includes community addictions support workers, geriatric social worker, intensive counselling services, sexual assault and domestic violence services, psychological services.
    • All appointments will be provided over the phone, teleconference or zoom at this time, (no face-to-face appointments).
    • All staff in mental health and addictions are to work from home

NTHC staff and providers are also taking the following additional measures:

  • No face-to-face meetings with external groups or partners, meetings can continue via phone or teleconference.
  • Any training to be provided for OTN, Zoom and Teleconference

Noojmowin Teg Health Centre commits to ensuring that our delivery of programs and services continue as uninterrupted as possible, and that our further work and communication with area health partners will remain a priority.  If there are any questions, please contact 705-368-2182, and check out our web-site for updates: www.noojmowin-teg.ca .