Vacate notices going out to Old School tenents

Mindemoya Old School

MINDEMOYA—Whether extensive repairs are carried out on the Old School building in Mindemoya, or it is completely closed down, the current tenants of the building will need to vacate the premises.

At a meeting last week, Central Manitoulin council reviewed a recommendation from its office and administration committee, “that we recommend to council that a notice to vacate in 90 days, as per the lease agreements, be sent to the tenants of the Old School, with the note that there is a possibility of month to month rental after that date.”

“This would take this to September 1,” stated Councillor Derek Stephens. “It doesn’t matter what we do with the building, fix it up or close it; we can’t have tenants in the building to do this.”

By providing this date of September 1 now, “it will also be a benefit to the tenants of the building because it releases them from their 90-day lease,” said Councillor Alex Baran. “If they find alternate accommodation they can turn on a dime and tell us they are leaving the building immediately.”

Councillor Pat MacDonald said that she understands some tenants are already exploring alternate accommodations.

Following discussion, council passed the motion.