Valued Service Ontario worker feted at retirement dinner

Donna Noble, left, Operations Supervisor with Service Ontario in Gore Bay, and manager of Service Ontario, Lucille Doucet, get set to cut the cake at a dinner held in honour of Ms. Noble, who is retiring at the end of June.

GORE BAY—The sentiment of current and past employers is that Donna Noble, operations supervisor with Service Ontario in Gore Bay, is a terrific employee and a good friend—someone that will be missed when she retires at the end of this month.

“Donna (Noble) is amazing. She has spent over 30 years of working for Service Ontario (in the Lands Registry office),” stated Lucille Doucet, manager of the Gore Bay Service Ontario office (and others in the area) of Ms. Noble, who was feted with a retirement reception on June 10 and a dinner later that evening.

“She is very dependable; with Donna you don’t have to worry about her work getting done,” said Ms. Doucet. “And she is knowledgeable beyond words. She is such a pleasant person. This office (in Gore Bay) was added to my portfolio five years ago, and at that time I knew nothing about land registry, but Donna took me through all of it. She is definitely well respected by the community and she will be missed for her work and as a person.”

On Friday evening a dinner was attended by Ms. Noble’s co-workers, family and friends at the Manitoulin Island Country Club (MICC).

“I would like to thank you all for coming out to celebrate Donna’s retirement,” said Ms. Doucet. “This is a big achievement for Donna after having worked for Service Ontario for over 30 years.” She explained Ms. Noble, “started with Ontario Public Services (OPS) on June 18, 1985. What an accomplishment to have worked that many years in this capacity. Donna is someone you can count on, loyal, and you can depend on her. If you ask her to do something you can be sure it will be done, and most of the time before she is even asked.”

“She definitely helped me learn and understand the land registry office system,” continued Ms. Doucet. “I’m definitely going to miss Donna with her retirement.”

Ms. Noble’s former boss, Ron Lane, told the gathering, “way back in 1985 we received an application from Donna to work in the land registry office. I had tried to recruit her earlier for this position, but at the time she was very busy being a young mother raising a family.”

“When I saw Donna’s job application I was really glad to see she was applying,” said Mr. Lane. “I  don’t know who else applied, but she was hired. I worked with Donna from 1985 to 2013 I knew everyone was always good in the Gore Bay office with her around; I knew she would be there to look after things. We had a partnership, it was not one of a manager and an employee.”

“It was a great experience working with someone like Donna,” said Mr. Lane. “I’ve worked with a lot of people over the years and none of them compared to her. I wish you all the best in your retirement.”

“I would like to thank everyone for being here this evening to help me celebrate my upcoming retirement,” said Ms. Noble. “Thank you to Lucille and (co-worker) Marilyn (Gray) for everything earlier today. They held an open house in my honour at lunch time. We had lots of goodies, good company and I received many well wishes and many beautiful flowers which are very much appreciated.”

Lucille Doucet, left, manager of the Gore Bay Service Ontario office, and Marilyn Gray congratulate Donna Noble, Operations Supervisor with Service Ontario in Gore Bay on her retirement.
Lucille Doucet, left, manager of the Gore Bay Service Ontario office, and Marilyn Gray congratulate Donna Noble, Operations Supervisor with Service Ontario in Gore Bay on her retirement.

Ms. Noble noted, “I can’t believe how fast the past 31 years have gone by. It’s been a great career, I have been able to do something I love. I have worked with many good people over the years and made many good friends.”

“It has provided an opportunity for me for personal growth and confidence,” continued Ms. Noble. “I will miss coming to work every day but Sylvia (Kemp), who has this experience assures me that won’t last long,” she quipped.

“Marilyn (Gray) I’m going to miss you,” said Ms. Noble. “You always make me laugh and have been a wonderful support to me over the last year. We have become great friends. Lucille (Doucet) you will have no worries as the office will be in very capable hands with Marilyn at the helm in the Land Registry Office.”

“Lucille, thank you so much for everything,” continued Ms. Noble. “You are a very thoughtful, caring boss and I admire your ability to multi-task and juggle all that you do. You have been a mentor and a good friend.”

“I have no big retirement plans for the near future,” said Ms. Noble. “Just to relax and enjoy our home and garden for the summer. I would love to see any of you on my doorstep for a visit. Thank you again.”