Vindication for Algoma Manitoulin Nuclear Awareness at last

Nuclear power will continue to raise hydro bills

To the Expositor:

The real truth has finally been brought forward from the 1980s when AMNA (Algoma Manitoulin Nuclear Awareness), a very large association of knowledgeable people, delved into the real truth about nuclear generation for electrical power.

The big secret that was found out was that nuclear power is extremely expensive and extremely dangerous.

The Darlington generating plant had us paying the multi-billion dollar over-budget debt reduction line on our hydro bill until just two years ago. Now that same plant needs to be refurbished for another $20 billion, the same goes for the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station.

The spent fuel left over after the generation of power needs to be protected and grounded forever, as the danger of radiation to the public never goes away. The cost of storage and guarding this dangerous material never ends.

Bottom line, nuclear power will continue to raise our hydro bills.

Lyle Dewar
Providence Bay