‘We cannot bury our head in the sand, forget the past’

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter, although addressed to Sara and Shirley Harasym of Sudbury, has been sent to The Expositor as a public response to the mother and daughter’s team’s proposal to produce a documentary film on the aftermath of the tragic 1970 car crash that claimed the lives of nine young people. It is printed here at Mr. Dewar’s request and was motivated by The Expositor story ‘Documentary film to look at 1970 Manitowaning car crash’ that appeared on page 3 of the January 18, 2012 paper.

To Sara and Shirley Harasym:

I am happy to see and hear that you haven’t forgotten my friends and my hockey partners of the 1970 era.

To be a better and more informed people on this earth we cannot bury our head in the sand and forget our past. Our past is called “History” and from our history we hopefully make better choices and decisions for the future.

Many times I’ve tried to help our young people realize the consequences of their ‘peer pressure’ choices they make when they are together. And I’ve used this incident to make my point.

Over the yeas I’ve lost too many of my fiends to alcohol and tobacco, but I sure don’t want to forget them even though it’s still painful.

Let’s all join the Mothers Against Drunk Driving group. It is a sad commentary on our society to think we can’t be happy without alcohol or other drugs.

Let’s continue to council our young people on the benefits of clean living.


Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay