West End woman warns residents about phone scam


MANITOULIN – A Western Manitoulin woman would like to caution other Island residents about a scam-fraud telephone call she received very recently.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Recorder, “I received the telephone call at home on Sunday night around 11 pm and the phone kept ringing until I answered it. When I answered there was a recording on the other end of the line stating it was from a correctional institute, that the call may be recorded, and that I might want to contact my attorney.”

“They called back a minute later with the same recording—it had to be a robo call,” said the local woman. “Five minutes later my phone rang again, this time I picked up the phone hoping it might go to my answering machine. It had the same number as the previous calls. It was similar to the earlier calls as it claimed to be from a corrections centre and that I might want to contact an attorney. Then a man said hello and hung up. They never called back after that.”

“I guess I should have listened to the whole thing but they never called back after that. I expect it was probably a scam from someone who was going to tell me a story about a family member who may be in trouble.”

“The area code on the number the person called me from was a US area code, 702,” she said. “When I looked at the number there was no name on my caller ID it just showed two separate phone numbers,” added the woman.