Whitefish River First Nation prepares for the polls

Nominations are in for the 2015 election

WHITEFISH RIVER FIRST NATION—The nominations are in for the Whitefish River First Nation chief and council elections to take place on Wednesday, February 11.

The nominations for chief as of Wednesday, January 7 are Olga Naomi Abotossaway, Wilfred Laurier Cywink, Brian Arthur McGregor, Dennis Lyn McGregor, Donald Gerard McGregor, Douglas McGregor, Gerald Lawrence Paul McGregor, Joseph Gregory McGregor, Leslie Florence McGregor, Stephen Gilbert McGregor, Valarie A. McGregor, Julian Nowgabow, Franklin (Shining Turtle) Paibomsai (incumbent), Benjamin Jaye Pitawanakwat and Richard Michael Shawanda.

The nominations for council are Carianne Agawa, John Joseph Anthony Cywink, William (Bill) Ellison, Margaret Joann Esquimaux, George Francis, Caroline A. Jacko, Jordi Jerimiah Jacko, Sandy Jacko, Tania Mary Jacko, Wyatt Wade Wilfred Jacko, Gregor David Joseph Jocko, Brian A. McGregor, Brianna Elizabeth McGregor, Calvin Norman McGregor, Crystal Angela Peggy McGregor, Dennis Lyn McGregor, Donald Gerard McGregor, Elizabeth Nancy McGregor, Gerald Lawrence Paul McGregor (incumbent), Jeffery Terrance McGregor (incumbent), Joyce Julia McGregor, Marida Lynn McGregor, Michael Dennis McGregor, Ronald Gregory McGregor, Todd T. McGregor, Valarie A. McGregor, Wayne McGregor, “Cara”lyn McGregor-Visitor, James (Jim) M. Megwanabe, Mary Jane Dolores Megwanabe, Leona Nahwegahbow (incumbent), Julian Arthur Nowgabow, Esther Osche, Mary Gloria Oshkabewisens-McGregor, Aloysius Finian Paibomesai, Brock Thorbjorn Pitawanakwat, Emmett Eugene Pitawanakwat, Ignatius Louis Pitawanakwat, Joseph Edward Thomas Pitawanakwat, Blanch Mary Recollet, Emma Mary Recollet, John Recollet, Charles Gerard Shawanda, Mark Hilary Shawanda, Richard Michael Shawanda, Marilyn (Ziegler) Stevens, Mariette Eva Sutherland, Genevieve (Genny) Tahgaiwenene (Jacko), Paul Anthony Wilder and Ann Robin Ziegler.

Whitefish River First Nation Electoral Officer Julie LaForme told The Expositor that, although the above names will appear on the ballot for the election, candidates will have until the close of the polls on election day (February 11) to withdraw.