Why does the MNR get money for tags when they ‘do nothing for the deer?’

To The Expositor:

In reply to the letter in your November 23, 2011 paper (‘Island landowners should merit antlerless deer tags, page 4).

Those of us that feed and house the deer end up with no tags to hunt does. I agree 100 percent with Mr. Gord Keatley and would like to comment a little further on this subject.

I would like the ministry to tell me why we apply for our tags early (that’s a laugh), just so they can get our money to use sooner. I had applied in July 2011 for a chance of a doe tag with no luck. I don’t understand why the ministry gets money for this as they do nothing for the deer, but the people that feed and house these deer get nothing, not even a doe tag.

Thanks for your time and space in your newspaper.

Donald B. McMurray