‘Why not cold fusion, thorium, Tesla and gravity waves’?

To the Expositor:

You really do have to question why these people are persisting in writing and talking about how good windmills are. There’s not even that many still left around let alone them even operating on the old farm homestead anyway. I haven’t heard of any anti-windmill groups or organized groups claiming that windmills caused health risks and problems even back when just about every farmer did use them to pump water. Also, certainly the little windmills people have as a lawn ornament today shouldn’t present much of a threat. Most I’ve seen are barely five feet tall.

However, if these people are confusing windmills with the industrial wind turbines, you really have to question why they are defending them then. It’s been proven now they don’t stop global warming, are unreliable, are causing your hydro bill to rapidly increase, don’t increase jobs but rather decrease permanent jobs and aren’t even “green”.

With very little effort, anyone can find and read that the World Health Organization has stated “industrial wind turbines are a health risk.” It’s also easy to find out how many European countries are increasing the distance to two kilometres or more that industrial wind turbines have to be away from where people live because of these health risks and other dangers. Even if you just read the warning signs posted around them here, you have to question why they are even around us at all and not in secure industrial areas like other hydro generating facilities.

You really have to question also why are these same people that persist in writing or talking about how Europe has had industrial wind turbines 20 years ago and no one they know has any medical problems or complaints about them. Well, it’s because back then these industrial wind turbines were placed far away from the people and not just 550 meters or less away. Those turbines were also a lot shorter and not the giant monsters we have today that are nearing the same height as a 50-storey complex. When the larger ones did start to arrive in Europe and were built near to where people live, the medical problems, complaints and anti wind turbine groups started also. This is exactly what is happening here.

Oh, by the way, the answer you’re looking for is because of ‘the money’ and the many people that are negatively affected are just nothing more than collateral damage. I hope you don’t mind that you or your children are expendable so that government, big business, land owners and farmers can make their money on these all but useless industrial wind turbines. Dalton McGuinty hatched a green plan that allows these industrial wind turbines to harm all living things so he is responsible and he just doesn’t seem to care.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not move into the future with cold fusion, thorium, Tesla and gravity waves, just to mention only a few good alternatives.

Charley Urbanek

Port Elgin