Why on earth would we want to keep gun registry records

To the Expositor:
Re: November 2 editorial, Destroying records a ‘mean spirited’ move”
Why on earth would we want to keep the records from the Long Gun Registry once it has been scrapped? They contain only about half of the long guns in Canada, the registry is filled with errors and has been hacked into over 300 times to become a shopping list for thieves. Further, premier Jean Charest was one of the fiercest critics of the registry when he was leader of the federal Progressive Conservative party. Has he experienced a revelation or had a nightmare? Does he really believe he can establish a provincial registry that won’t cost multi-millions and will actually be useful? No, he is a perfect example of a politician in trouble who will do or say anything to get re-elected. He has decided to sashay to the left to attempt to gain votes that might otherwise go to the Parti Quebecois. The perpetrators of both the Ecole Polytechnique and Dawson College slayings used legally registered firearms. One could make an argument that in their cases more careful vetting of firearm licence applicants might have prevented a tragedy, but certainly not that the long gun registry had any benefit. The long gun registry has been nothing but a costly ineffective failure. The sooner any remnant of its existence disappears and funds are re-allocated to useful purposes the better and safer Canadians will be.
Bill Elliott