Wiikwemkoong celebrates the season with a return of the fall fair

The Wiikwemkoong Fall Agricultural Fair parade was a big hit.

WIIKWEMKOONG—The laughter of children and adults played counterpoint to the country music at Thunderbird Park during the Wiikwemkoong Agricultural Fall Fair—and despite day-long threatening clouds, the rain held off until the end of the day.

Due to the renovations taking place at the Wiikwemkoong arena this fall, the Wiikwemkoong Agricultural Fair was unable to host exhibits and displays this year, but that did little to dampen spirits as the annual parade, children’s games, bouncy castles and plenty of musical entertainment were on hand. The popular horse pull was also in full swing later in the afternoon, with several teams coming together to haul concrete laden stone boats across the rodeo grounds.

The parade was a great hit, with even a bull taking part.

The horse pull saw a number of awards given out including the Horsemanship Award in Memory of Lionel “Shib” Assiniwai (Webkamigad), which was presented to Brie Gilbert. The Teamster Award in Memory of James “Ziinaate” Roy was also awarded to Brie Gilbert by Kara Peltier, grandchild of Mr. Roy.

First place in the Heavy Weight Division went to Brie Gilbert, whose team pulled 5,000 pounds 15-feet, second place went to Adam Osawamick, whose team pulled 5,000 pounds 13-feet, 14 inches, third place went to Katie Cyr whose team pulled 4,500 pounds four-feet, three inches and fourth place went to Jerrold Webkamigad whose team pulled 3,500 pounds four-feet, nine inches.

First place in the Light Weight Division went to Preston Webkamigad, whose team pulled 5,000 pounds 16-feet, five inches, second place went to Brendan Gilbert, whose team pulled 4,000 pounds two-feet, five inches and third place went to newcomer Doug Lebrock, whose team pulled 2,500 pounds one-foot, three inches.