Wiikwemkoong literacy program digitally partnering students with business elite now North American model

IFL Canada's Jacob Pitawanakwat, right, works with fellow Wiikwemkoong citizens as an early literacy interventionist for children between Kindergarten and Grade 2. He is currently studying computer science and used that background to create a way for the literacy program to continue remotely while students learn from home.

Uses technology developed by Wiikwemkoong

WIIKWEMKOONG - A partnership between the Wiikwemkoong Board of Education (WBE) and non-profit Innovations for Learning Canada (IFL) is helping young students develop literacy skills despite school closures through a system pioneered by Wiikwemkoong citizen Jacob Pitawanakwat, who works for the non-profit.

“It’s been such a joy to work with the WBE a...

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