Wiikwemkoong’s Sierra Pangowish heads to provincials this Saturday

Sierra Pangowish, far right, is the first Wikwemikong High School student to attend an Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations event. She heads to Hamilton this weekend to participate in cross-country running.

WIIKWEMKOONG—Congratulations to Sierra Pangowish of Wikwemikong High School for her cross-country achievements!

At the pre-NSSSA (North Shore Secondary Schools Athletic Association) event held Wednesday, October 10 in Elliot Lake, Sierra finished in first place in the junior girls’ division, 5km, with a time of 26 minutes and eight seconds.

At NSSSA on Friday, October 19, Sierra finished first place again with a personal best time of 25 minutes 12.47 seconds

At the Northern Ontario Secondary School Athletics (NOSSA) event on Friday, October 24, Sierra set a new personal best time of 23 minutes and 58 seconds in the junior girls’ division, 5km. Sierra placed eighth place out of 42 runners (the best from Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury and North Bay). The top two teams along with the next top five runners qualify for Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA). She was the fifth runner to qualify.

Sierra will be racing at OFSSA this Saturday, November 3 in Hamilton.

She is the first-ever Wikwemikong High School runner to compete at the all-Ontario event. Congratulations, Sierra!