Windmills on Manitoulin is a no debate issue

To the Expositor:

NIMBYism, or call it whatever you want, there is no place here for this industrial blight. If they do not suit the shore of Lake Joseph in Muskoka, then they don’t suit or belong here. All the reasons have already been discussed on the pages of this paper for the last two years, and there is no farther need to go into them.

If Dalton McGuinty is so bent on getting us off coal, why not allocate grants to the end user to just get off the grid, rather than huge handouts to giant corporations. The Green Energy Act is as greenwashed and undemocratic as it gets, and deserves no participation by anybody. Greenwashing should be deemed illegal, and this would put an end to this nonsense. our economy here is largely based in tourism, and most business owners need to be very concerned about this development here. We have roughly 12,000 year round residents here, and yet MCSEA reports 1,200 signatures—what’s up with that? Why would we be so passive toward the hand that feeds us? Think that because we are not near the area, that we would not be affected? Think again.

Arv Lim-Ojamae

Gore Bay