Winter fireworks display dazzles Gore Bay crowd 🎆

The fireworks lit up the harbour and marina where several boats lay in wait for the spring thaw. photo by Warren Schlote

GORE BAY – It was an awesome way to break up the winter, especially these days when we are all cooped up so much inside our homes due to the pandemic. This past weekend’s winter fireworks hosted by the Town of Gore Bay and the Gore Bay Fire Department has drawn praise from many local people.   

Gore Bay Councillor Jack Clark said at a council meeting held earlier this week, “it would be a good idea for us to thank our firefighters for the fireworks display Saturday evening. It was well attended, and with COVID-19 people appreciated being able to get out and enjoy something like this.”

“I would echo that thought,” stated Mayor Dan Osborne. “I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Kudos to them (fire department).”

“That was terrific,” was the reaction of one person to the fireworks held on the waterfront. Another local resident told the Recorder, “it was great for our whole family; my wife and kids and I were able to get out and enjoy some fireworks and a nice evening. It was great.” 

The Gore Bay Volunteer Fire Department put on the fireworks display, led by Gore Bay firefighter Duncan Sinclair and Brad MacKay of the Billings Township Volunteer Fire Department in setting up and launching the fireworks. 

“We just wanted to put on a little fireworks show to boost the spirit of everyone,” Mr. Sinclair told the Recorder.