Writer challenges the hypocrisy of methadone clinic critics

To the Expositor:

I have held my tongue for quite some time now regarding the methadone clinic in downtown Little Current. So many times I have heard derogatory comments about the ‘druggies’ that use the services to better themselves. They are shoplifters, they fight on the streets, they are an unsightly blight on our town—the list goes on and on.

I suggest everyone take one step back and look in the mirror. If there are no ghosts from the past looking back I suggest you are either demented or a liar. Everyone has made some mistakes in their journey, at least the individuals using the methadone program are looking to make a change for the better. Who are we to deny them this opportunity to have a life free of addiction because it may inconvenience us?

I guess closing down the methadone clinic will work out for the best. We will sweep some lives under the carpet and put on our beautiful community face. Would you righteous and pompous individuals be so fast to condemn others if it was your son, daughter, brother, sister or mother? I think not.

D.R. Patterson
Little Current