Writer has doubts about Tehkummah vacancy motivation

Do the right thing and follow the rules

To the Expositor:

I find in our township that two councillors and a member of administration will try to find any way they can to twist, distort and obstruct the rules to avoid appointing a replacement for the vacant seat on council. The members on council should know that you have a recount in case of a tie. No tie here.

A recount should be asked for if this was the case by one who wasn’t elected, not by a sitting member on council. Maybe this councilor, by saying a recount is needed, is in conflict.

In my opinion, we have two councillors and an administrator that are trying to get one of their own on council. In the past two years my taxes have gone up more than the previous nine years put together. Everyone’s taxes have taken a huge jump.

I believe that we need a change of direction in our tiny township. Persons on council and administration with grandiose ideas are leading this township to bankruptcy. In my opinion they are not qualified to do the job. I say to them, do the right thing and fill that vacant seat by the rules.

Rick Gordon