Writer is disappointed in the board of Manitoulin Community Living

To The Expositor:

Maybe I should have been an Ombudsman. I don’t like injustices and I like things to run smoothly, which is certainly not the case with the board of directors at the Manitoulin Community Living complex in Mindemoya.

As a strong supporter of Hope Farm even from the early days of Flowers of Hope that began in Gore Bay, I’m feeling disappointed as I’m watching the train of hope run off the tracks.

As a past 12 year member of Manitoulin Health Centre I have come to recognize vital signs as to when things are going downhill. When we have board members leaving the Manitoulin Community Living board of directors totally frustrated and, yes, even in tears we know something has gone wrong.

I believe strongly that the people that support Manitoulin Community Living have the right to know what is happening in a public funded organization.

Lyle Dewar
Providence Bay