Writer objects to blockades and the distress of the Canadian flag

To the Expositor:

Yesterday morning, like many mornings at around 6 am, two of my neighbours started our vehicles to warm up so we could head to work or off to the gym. We usual mumble a quick ‘hi,’ jump in our respective vehicles and start a busy productive day because we are idle no more.

Before joining the gym, I’d spend a fair amount of time sitting idly on the couch. Now my husband and I surround ourselves with others who have made the conscious decision to exercise. This has the added benefit of energizing us, helping us to lead increasingly productive, stimulating lives so we are idle no more.

I look with pride at my children who used to be fairly typical teenagers; lazing around, sleeping in and hanging out with similar minded, inactive yet somewhat volatile individuals.

One son now works two jobs and is actively pursuing a management position in his chosen field. The other son, a family man, trains hard, works hard and is passionate about defending our country and the rights and freedoms that so many have fought and died for—freedoms that many take for granted.

Our daughter works full time to save for her college education so she can continue to pursue an educational and vocational dream in law. While supporting herself and saving for college, she tirelessly volunteers with those who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

My kids have matured into productive, responsible, trustworthy, conscientious members of society who are idle no more.

Depending on the time of year, it’s not uncommon to see families out for walks, neighbours working in their gardens, shoveling snow, washing their vehicles, or doing minor repairs or renovations to their dwellings. We take pride in our homes. We value our neighbourhoods and community and ‘fixing up’ the place is a labour of love; it gets us outside interacting and sharing with others, off the couch and we are idle no more.

My church family encourages us to have a life with purpose. If you see someone in need, help. If you see a problem, be part of the solution. Individually or as a group, be the heart and hands of Jesus. If that means helping a senior with groceries or cleaning their apartment—do it. If it means donating money or being part of a missionary trip—do it. If it means cooking and serving meals to single moms—do it. Be part of the solution and be idle no more.

Over the last while, I have seen First Nations protest.

I have seen images of blockades, police inaction, and heard some vague demands for something. What I have also seen is images of my beloved Canadian flag flown upside down and other images of it defaced. I find this inexcusable. In some countries it is a crime to desecrate a flag, but not in Canada.

I ask you to be idle no more.

Write your paper, write your member of parliament and share your disgust and outrage with this behaviour.

Request that an amendment be made to the Criminal Code that deals with everyone who willfully burns, defaces, defiles, mutilates, tramples upon or otherwise desecrates the national flag of Canada be guilty of an offence and liable.

Please be idle no more and show other Canadians how to change laws without threatening, without compromising the economy and certainly without violating normal citizens’ rights to go to work and return to their families. I for one will be idle no more.

Linda Fauteux
(formerly from Manitoulin Island)