Writer sets record straight on number of public works employees

To the Expositor:

Thank you for reporting on the Summer Jobs for Youth program (‘Jobs for Youth program gives students lifelong employment skills,’ September 4, page 2A) because it’s a very important means of providing valuable experience to youth all over the Island.

While it may seem insignificant to many, I would just like to bring to your attention that I was misquoted in your September 11 article on the program. In your article, I was quoted as saying “it’s just two people doing all that work.” I had the pleasure of working with four township public works employees over the summer, and all of them are very hard working individuals and I would not want them to think that I was implying otherwise. During my time working with these gentlemen, I was fortunate enough to learn a great deal about several aspects of the duties of the public works department. They do a great deal of work with limited resources, as is the case with most municipalities, and as community members we should all be thankful for their services.

Sean Patterson