Wynne swansong should be ‘Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown’

Can polling numbers go into negative digits?

To the Expositor:

Re:  An Open Letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne

Mark Volpini certainly nailed it in his letter to the editor in the May 11, 2016 edition of The Expositor (“Looking forward to a future without you”).

With Premier Wynne and the provincial Liberal Party polling down around the 20 percent mark and still falling, the current Ontario government might disappear on its own if they go into the negative numbers. However, I doubt the people of this province will be so lucky, and we’ll at least have to wait until the next election, more than two years away.

In the meantime, the provincial Liberals should start thinking of a good theme song for their next election run. With the Wynne government likely to become history anyway, it’s only right that they should look back in time for an ‘oldie-goldie’ tune that they can campaign to. 

I think the most appropriate song for the Liberals would be an old rock ‘n roll tune quite familiar to the baby boom generation, and sung by that octogenarian rock band, the Rolling Stones. The song was called ‘Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown.’

Brad Middleton