Year-old Barrie Island kitty Cheech is very lucky to be alive!

As is evidenced by the above photo, Cheech sustained some major injuries in the recent incident.

BARRIE ISLAND – As his owner will tell you, Cheech is very lucky to still be alive!

The 18-month-old male cat is very lucky to be alive after getting badly beaten up in a confrontation he had with either a fisher or a large cat, explained Francis Hore of Barrie Island, Cheech’s owner.

“I don’t know how he got away, how he got out of the grip of the fisher or large cat that attacked him,” Ms. Hore told the Recorder late last week. “At 18 months old he is one of our youngest cats, our oldest being nine. We’ve never had any of our cats have to go through anything like this before.”

She explained, “we call our cats in every evening before dark. It was after 7 pm and I was yelling for Cheech to come in. Five minutes later he appeared on the porch, we couldn’t tell what was wrong at first but there was blood everywhere and he was moving very strange.”

Ms. Hore called her veterinarian (Scott Veterinary Services), “and when we got him to the vet, Dr. (Monika) Stevens took a look at Cheech’s injuries and said they had to be caused by a large cat or a fisher. Cheech’s injuries were extensive. His entire tail had been torn off, completely from the inside and from the spine, he had one toe bitten off and a large bite on one leg exposing a vein and a tendon.” 

Cheech, an 18-month-old cat owned by Francis Hore and her family in Barrie Island is very lucky to be alive after being attacked by a fisher or a large cat.

“When we got Cheech to the vet’s office our first question was ‘does he have a chance (to live)?’ and Dr. Stephens said ‘yes, he had a chance.’ She consulted a specialist and said she wanted to make sure he would be able to live properly and comfortably. It was amazing the job she did.” Cheech only had to spend one night at the veterinarian’s before being able to go home.

As for any aftereffects from the injuries. Ms. Hore told the Recorder, “he is still a sweetheart and we are giving him extra loving these days. The other cats go in and check on him.” She pointed out Cheech is on two pain medications, and antibiotics.

“He has a real spirit about him,” said Ms. Hore. “He is recovering very well so far. He may have issues down the line but for now he is okay.”