Young golfer makes a splash in Mindemoya

In photo, left to right, are golfers Kathryn Corbiere, Noah Thorpe and Mickey McKinny.

MINDEMOYA – Sudbury Sports Hall of Famer Mickey McKinny has been a golfer for over 60 years. He worked at the old Sudbury Golf Club starting at the age of 14. He caddied and worked at the course for 35 cents a round. He recently met up with a young Island golfer, 12-year-old Noah Thorpe (grandson of John and Cheryl  Seabrook) at Brookwood Brae Golf Course last week. 

Mickey was impressed by his play and was also reminded of the past Northern Ontario golfers that started out young.

“You have to see Noah golf,” Mr. McKinny told the Recorder “If he keeps up his game, he is going to go a long way. He was taught the game by Kathryn Corbiere (of M’Chigeeng) from the time he was four years old. He is an excellent player and beat me in our game.”

The Sudbury Golf course that Mr. McKinny worked at hosted the Seagram’s tourney. Syd Sedgeworth and Berk Keaney would remember that, especially Syd who lost the tournament on the last hole to Billy Morland. 

Other notable golfers that started out with their parents include Brent Hatton, who won many golf tournaments, and Ryan Willoughby, who won the famous match play Idylwylde invitational tourney against players from all over Ontario. Also, Sudbury Sports Hall of Famer Vince Palladino at the age of 15 won the Northern Golf Tourney which included the Morland brothers and many more. 

Mr. McKinny talked to Vip Palladino (father of Vince) and mentioned the latest Island golf star. He said, “well, you never know. Vince got a golf scholarship to Ohio State!”

Mr. McKinny and Noah played a round of golf at Brookwood Brae, with the latter challenging Mr. McKinny to nine-hole match play. He even gave Mr. McKinny some strokes. No matter though; after seven holes, Mr. McKinny was “dorme” (French for sleep). Noah won by two holes.

“If this young man keeps his game, next year he’ll be going to MSS (Manitoulin Secondary School) and hopefully playing with the school team, getting more competition and looking forward to his future golf aspirations,” said Mr. McKinny.

Mr. McKinny spoke to Noah’s mother (Sarah Seabrook) said she received a call late Sunday from Justin Lockeyer (assistant pro at Idylwylde Golf Course in Sudbury) saying that Noah will be receiving an invitation to a junior tournament, hopefully, later this year. 

“No date has been set as of yet for the tournament but it will probably be held in September,” Mr. McKinny told the Recorder, pointing out he has will offered to take Noah over to Sudbury for the tournament.