Youth’s camera, lost at sea, returned in record five days

The photo that was posted to the Loco Beanz Facebook page that reunited the lost camera with its owners.

Sleuthing strangers from Cape Cod track Little Current owner

LITTLE CURRENT— Beth Armstrong was surprised with numerous messages on Facebook when she checked her iPad Monday morning, notifying her that someone in Dennis, Massachusetts had found her digital camera while on a morning, stroll along a Cape Cod beach.

“My friend Dawn Noble manages the Loco Beanz Facebook page and saw a post this morning with a photo of myself and some friends from a girls canoe trip to Killarney last year,” Ms. Armstrong told The Expositor Monday. “A man by the name of Andrew Sciannameo was walking along a beach in Cape Code with his wife, a quarter mile into the ocean when the tide was out, and found my waterproof digital camera. They took it home and uploaded some of the photos from the memory card looking for a way to identify the owner. They posted a notice on the Mayflower Beach Facebook page (where the camera was found) without any luck, so they looked more closely at the photos for a location. I guess there was a photo of K and T Corner Store, which they Googled and found a location of on Manitoulin Island in Little  Current. From there they Googled ‘Little Current coffee shops’ and found Loco Beanz, posting a few photos from the camera and a message asking if anyone could identify the individuals in the photos.”

“The photos he posted were pretty crazy,” she laughed. “I guess he thought it would get people’s attention, but we thought that no one would ever see those photos so it was a bit of a shock for the girls and myself. Some of the photos on the memory card actually date back three years ago, so I am so happy that the camera was found.”

But how did it end up in Cape Cod, 1,477 km away from Manitoulin, this reporter asked?

“At first some of the girls from the photos thought I had lost it on our canoe trip last summer,” she said. “They were trying to figure out how it made its way from the north shore of Lake Huron, down the St. Clair into Lake Erie then Lake Ontario and out the St. Lawrence.”

“I wish the story was that crazy, but actually my son Ben took my camera with him to Cape Cod last week where he is visiting his aunt and uncle,” Ms. Armstrong continued. “He was swimming in the ocean when a rogue wave came up and loosened it from his wrist, whisking the camera out into the Atlantic Ocean. He called feeling very badly and tried desperately to find the camera with a lot of local help with no success.”

“The camera was lost to the ocean along with three years of memories until Andrew and his wife found it yesterday,” said Ms. Armstrong. “What are the chances? Ben’s uncle is a police officer and is having it dropped off today through a network of friends, but Ben doesn’t know it’s been found yet. We wanted to surprise him.”

Ms. Armstrong contacted Mr. Sciannameo, thanking him for finding the camera and returning it. She also offered him a Manitoulin excursion if he and his wife are ever in the area.