Zhiibaahaasing holds winter carnival Family Day weekend celebrations

Tea time! This team is successful in getting a small fire started as they get ready to boil tea as part of a winter carnival contest.

ZHIIBAAHAASING—With beautiful weather and a real feeling of family in the air, Zhiibaahaasing First Nation held its 16th annual winter carnival family day weekend celebrations.

“Today is a beautiful day,” stated Chief Irene Kells prior to all the events taking place on Saturday morning. She encouraged the crowd, saying “the spirit that I heard in the team’s cheers should continue the rest of the day. Be loud and proud.”

“We have our mascot Zoongaabwi here again today,” said Chief Kells. “Have fun today and the whole weekend.”

One of the colourful entries in the Zhiibaahaasing First Nation parade as part of the winter carnival Family Day weekend celebrations.

One of the main organizers of the Family Day weekend events, Bobbi-Sue Kells, said “I would like to thank everyone for coming. I hope everyone has a fun weekend.” She went on to outline the team and individual events taking place that day and reminded everyone of the Monday awards presentations.                                                                              

On Saturday all the youngsters and adults on hand broke up into teams with names like The Mighty Snipers, The Bears and Team Six.

The weekend full of events actually began last Thursday with a community potluck dinner, while on Friday a snow sculpture judging contest took place.

Saturday’s events included team games such as a tea boiling contest and individual sports including a spaghetti and rib eating contest held late in the afternoon.

Sunday featured a family parade, hockey radar slap shot contest, cardboard sled races, chili and scone contest and the always popular cardboard sled races.

The weekend events also included a family video dance, fireworks, community breakfast, community members fundraising Saturday and family day sliding.