37 deer weighed in for annual Big Buck and Doe Contest

Chris Syr displays the large 20 point buck, which weighed 195 pounds, that he harvested during last week’s Manitoulin deer hunt.

KAGAWONG—There were was 37 deer weighed in at the annual Bridal Veil Esso (Kagawong) Big Buck and Doe Contest held last week during the Manitoulin deer rifle hunt last week. Proceeds raised through the contest will benefit a local fish and game club.

“We had a total of 37 deer weighed in,” stated Craig Jackson of Bridal Veil on Monday. “Seventeen camps had entries in the contest and there were approximately 60 single entries.”

The award for the biggest buck goes to Jackie Legge and the Manitoulin Boys and Girls Hunt Camp. Ms. Legge’s entry was an eight point  buck which weighed 215 pounds. The prize for the biggest doe harvested during the hunt and weighed for the contest went to Anne Pyette of the Pyette Hunt Camp, a  doe that weighed 155 pounds. Each of the winners for the biggest buck and doe won a cash prize of $431.25 each.

Mr. Jackson pointed out another big buck that was harvested and entered in the contest was a 20 point buck which weighed 195 pounds, harvested by Chris Syr.

Proceeds raised from the entry fee to join the contest (excluding the cash prizes given out) are presented to a worthy organization or cause every year. “This year the Gore Bay Fish and Game Club will be receiving $300,” Mr. Jackson

told the Recorder.

There were was a total of 19 different prizes-giveaways given out to the contest contestants. Sponsors of the prizes-giveaways were Bridal Veil Falls Esso, Massey Wholesale, Doug Clark, Jackie Gravelle and Campbell Heating.