A call for pedestrian crosswalks

To the Expositor:

Some thoughts on crosswalks and pedestrian safety in Little Current. I believe pedestrian safety could be improved by having more “marked” crosswalks.

I wish to focus on a particular section of Meredith Street where I believe they are most needed.

Let us start with a marked crosswalk on the east side of Worthington Street at Meredith Street. Proceeding eastward (towards the bridge) we come to the intersection of Manitowaning Road, immediately past this intersection is a narrow walkway across Meredith Street that could also use signs, highlighting the fact that the crosswalk is there.

Next would be the continuation of Manitowaning Road, including the turning lane.

My last suggestion for a marked crosswalk is Meredith at Walcot Street on the top of the hill; keeping in mind that pedestrian safety may have to be attended to further east on Meredith.

Jim McMillan

Little Current