A challenge of the Liberal pledge to provide a haven to refugees

What makes any of us naive enough to think this won’t or can’t happen on Canadian soil?

To the Expositor:

We have once again been reminded of the reality of the world we live in post 9/11 with the most recent terrorist attack in France on Friday the 13th.

Our new Defence Minister, Harjit Sajjan, says we need not fear ISIS.

What makes any of us naïve enough to think that this won’t or can’t happen on Canadian soil?  We experienced an attack on Parliament Hill just over a year ago and that was but one individual.

What would stop a terrorist from going into a mall during the busy holiday shopping season and taking out hundreds of people?

If it does, will any of our allies come to our aid since we have abandoned their efforts with our “not our problem” attitude?

Just think where Hitler may have ended up, if the greatest generation had taken the same approach.

Our new prime minister wants to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees. One of the suspects from the terrorist attacks in Paris was disguised as a Syrian refugee seeking asylum.

For those of you who agree with Mr. Trudeau, a reminder that there are evil people who will exploit your compassion and place Canadians in harm’s way.

This government’s total disregard for common sense will allow people to slip pass the gates and attack from the inside and I believe that is the greatest threat to western security.

Kim Johnson


EDITOR’S NOTE: As of press time Monday the owner of the refugee passport cited above was not confirmed to have been from one of the terrorists. As of press time the confirmed attackers were French nationals.