A packed house at Kagawong Park Centre enjoys Song and Cider ’18 concert

The Kagawong Park Centre’s upstairs area was packed for the Manitoulin Community Choir annual Song and Cider 2018 concert, held last Saturday evening.

KAGAWONG—River songs made up a good part of the repetoire performed by the Manitoulin Community Choir at its annual Song and Cider 2018 concert last Saturday at the Park Centre in Kagawong.

“I’m so glad everyone is here tonight, we obviously have a very full house on hand,” stated Jane Best, director of the choir. “We have several songs tonight that relate to rivers. River images bring to mind life,” she said, after the choir had performed ‘Keep Your Heart Good,’ and prior to the next two songs ‘Peace Like a River’ (with ‘Amazing Grace’) and ‘My Soul is a River’.

‘Like a Mighty Stream’ was next up on the song list, followed by ‘Let Us Cheer the Weary Traveler,’ a spiritual featuring Janelle Addison, Jane Best, Janice Frame, Judith Jones, Theresa Webb, Peter Gordon and John Robertson.

A full house was in attendance for the concert, so much so that more chairs had to be set out for patrons just prior to the concert, with some of those in attendance still having to sit in the lobby.

‘Winter Fire’ and ‘Snow by Woods’ by Graham and arranged by R. Emerson featured Janelle Addison, Lauren Dewar, Jenna Maisonneuve and Catherine Secord.

‘Words of Chief Seattle (1780-1866)’ and ‘Look at the World,’ the choir performed ‘All the Little Rivers’ which lists many rivers in Canada. 

After an intermission of delicious cider and many different delicious varieties of cookies (provided by Chris McCartney of Ice Lake Cottage Bakery), the choir continued with the famous ‘Moon River,’ followed by ‘Fly to the Moon.’

‘And So It Goes’ is a song written by Billy Joel and featured Janelle Addison, Jane Best, Judith Jones, Theresa Webb, Paul Best and Peter Gordon.

‘Gentle Lena Clare’ was a humourous song with Dan Thompson donning a wig as Lena Clare and John Robertson, the featured singer, wooing Ms. Clare, with the Tenor and Bass Chorus.

‘Annie Laurie’ featured the Tenor and Bass Chorus, while the Treble Chorus was up for the ‘Bayushki Bayu (a Russian lullaby),’ followed by ‘Lullabye’ written by Billy Joel, and ‘Coming Home,’ a song about losing someone in your life.

The Manitoulin Community Choir, fall 2018, is made up of Janelle Addison, Mary Buie, Rosanne Campbell, Sandy Cook, Susie DeKuyper, Lauren Dewar, Sarah Earley, Lori Evans, Janice Frame, Susan Garlock, Debbie Graham, Stephanie Hillyard, Mercedes Hughes, Judith Jones, Anne Kettling, Judy Land, Diane Larocque, Jenna Maisonneuve, April Patterson, Enid Runnalls, Heather Scott, Catherine Secord, Sheila Schwindt, Nell Staalstra, Carol Stover, Terry Thompson, Mary-Jo Tracy, Theresa Webb, Linda Willson, Paul Best, Kyle Burt, Peter Gordon, Don Nelson, John Robertson, Eric Thiessen, Dan Thompson and Chuc Willson, with director Jane Best and accompanist Joan Eichner filling out the roster.