A tribute to former Expositor editor Jim Moodie

To The Expositor:

A few years ago, a young man by the name of Jim Moodie came paddling his canoe along the North Shore and happened across the Manitoulin Island. He was a poet at heart and the magic of the Island caught his imagination. He decided to stop awhile and turned his considerable writing abilities to good advantage at The Manitoulin Expositor.

Here, he wrote articles on our local council meetings, covered the creative efforts of other aspiring writers, artists and musicians throughout the region, and made the most mundane news story come alive.

Mr. Moodie’s most enduring contribution, however, was his unique ability to identify topics of public concern, to write about them in a balanced and unbiased way, and to continue this quality coverage throughout the life of the story. His dedicated reporting played an important role in changing the Island for the better.

Every cyclist who travels Highway 6 has Mr. Moodie to thank for writing about the issue of cycling safety along the road. The paths that now line this highway contribute so greatly to their comfort and safety.

Everyone who enjoys our reclaimed streams and other environmental projects owe a debt of gratitude for his articles covering these endeavours.

Fledging entrepreneurs could always count on newspaper coverage to shine a light on their new businesses, too.

If in the future, we are able to enjoy our lighthouse heritage sites, it will be in large part due to the former Expositor editor’s efforts to keep the issue of their protection in the news.

We will miss ‘Editor Jim,’ but will continue to enjoy his legacy for years to come. We wish him well in his new position with The Sudbury Star.

Bill and Mary Caesar
Little Current