Anger expressed over maintenance power outages

It’s time to tell it like it is regarding hydro service capability

To the Expositor:

What is it with our hydro system? If there were outages elsewhere in Ontario as often as we face them here on Manitoulin, I think there would be riots! I wonder how much revenue was lost by Island businesses today (Saturday) as the result of this latest interruption of service? How much inconvenience was caused, particularly to seniors and others who face their own limitations, for what today was well over an eight hour stoppage? Who decided that the Mother’s Day weekend was a good time for an interruption of service? And why do we continue to have to pay such exorbitant prices for such questionable service anyway?

You would think that, at the very least, local hydro officials would give us an honest explanation of the overall situation here on Manitoulin beyond the usual ‘We are upgrading services’ mantra. Surely it is high time to ‘tell it like it is’ with regards to hydro service capability and systems weaknesses and limitations here on ‘the Island.’


Eric Balkind

Gore Bay