Annual Easter egg hunt continues to draw more children every year

    In photo are many of the 200 children and their parents who participated in the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Gore Bay last Friday. The event is held on property owned by Lilly Third, and is organized by Amber Merrylees.

    GORE BAY—The annual Easter Egg hunt held on property owned by Lilly Third just outside of Gore Bay continues to draw more children of all ages, every year.

    “We had close to 200 kids take part,” stated Amber Merrylees, main organizer of the event, of last Friday’s event. “The number of kids on hand was larger than last year.”

    Ms. Merrylees noted that Donna Foster had picked up the chocolate items donated by S.M. Enterprises of Oakville, Ryan Hubbard and Tini Foster, in the amount of 125 large chocolate Easter bunnies, and 90 pounds of miniature chocolate Easter eggs. “Thanks to our many sponsors we were able to put over  $1,200 in donations toward purchasing chocolate Easter eggs.”

    “Our sponsors are very important, we couldn’t hold this event without their support,” stated Ms. Merrylees. The sponsors include the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 514, Lafarge, the Manitoulin Transport Social Club, Betty’s, Jill’s Bookkeeping and Taxation, Freddie’s Welding, Loco Beanz, Barney’s Sales Barn, S.M. Enterprises of Oakville, “and many special community friends,” she said.

    “We have been holding the Easter egg hunt for close to 30 years,” said Ms. Merrylees. The event was moved to Lilly’s property on the bluff as the number of kids that were on hand became overwhelming. Cory McQuarrie also helped out at the playground and the school and a couple of years on the East Bluff.”

    Again this year, Ms. Merrylees had help in putting the event on, from her daughter Edeana Merrylees and her Kevin, who purchased chocolate Easter eggs in Sudbury, as did Elizabeth Hartin, Stephanie Borton and Jess Pelland who helped hide the chocolate Easter eggs on Ms. Third’s property.

    “The kids had a lot of fun, and all the smiles we see is payment for the day of putting on this event,” said Ms. Merrylees. “Every year I say this will be the last one and we will stop holding the event, but with all the smiles the kids have it makes all of this worth it.”

    These three young girls took time out from looking for chocolate easter eggs to pose for a picture.