Another example of in your face government arrogance exposed

Send the Mounties without their horses

To the Expositor:

Re: Queen attends opening of Canada House – London, England

I write once again in a sort of Government 101 example and view of practicing restraint in spending.

I watched with interest the opening of the newly renovated “Canada House” in London, England. The queen attended with much pomp and ceremony. Canada, I would assume, would feel there is an obligation to do so and so laid out the red carpet at the expense of Canadian taxpayers. Let us assume for a moment that this is “the right thing do.”

This is an example of the “in your face” arrogance of our government. I noted dignitaries such as John Baird, who is on his way out the door with a healthy pension, and a few less important parliamentarians who are over in London on our dime as well. The most flagrant example that is not in keeping with the government’s promise to be fiscally responsible and restraining and holding the line of spending is the RCMP on horses at the front door of Canada House. I encourage the reader to price that cost: two horses (all I saw in the picture) and two officers riding them. Fly the horses and men over to England, house them while over there and fly them home. I see our seniors fighting for better care, working longer because of shortage of retirement income and the list goes on. I feel this is while probably accounted for on some bureaucrat’s desk, but leave the horses at home, save a life instead, or approve a necessary operation for a child that cannot afford it. Send the RCMP if it is absolutely necessary, without horse. Besides, the Brits look just as good on horses.

Again, a penny saved is a government oversight.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth