Another farmer questions the distribution of deer tags

How is it possible the people who feed the deer go years without an antlered tag?

To the Expositor:

I would like to know how deer tags are drawn, and why it is so unfair that I receive an antlerless deer tag every five years.

I have talked to many Island landowners who feel the same way as I do.

We are the people who feed these deer, and should be the first to receive tags.

Where does the money go that they made on the sale of tags? Not back into the herd, as a few years ago, deer were starving on the Manitoulin Island, and the ministry was asked to help feed the deer for the winter. There was no money to help; but the landowners never gave up on the herd, they fed them.

I don’t know how this happened and call it unfair, as my friends and I hunt together, no antlerless deer tags.

A gang of five from down south got five antlerless deer tags, and that is just unfair.

If the ministry got off their butts and got out in the bush, not running around counting deer droppings they would know that this has to change.

There are very few bucks that are breeding and a number of does, and farms that should be hunted. There should be more antlerless deer tags sold and less buck tags and in a more fair way, not the unfair way it is now being done.

Thank you for your time, a 55-year hunter,

Donald McMurray