Assiginack Public School’s Terry Fox Run is a hit

Assiginack Public School students pose for a school photo following the Terry Fox Run.

by Brooke Gibeault, Grade 5 student

MANITOWANING—Fitness, fundraising and courage equal Terry Fox. The well-known Canadian, Terry Fox, didn’t like to be called a hero, but Assiginack Public School has honoured Terry Fox by raising money for cancer research.

The Assiginack Grade 5 and 6 class organized the annual Terry Fox run. It took place Friday, October 7 at 2 pm. All students and teachers participated and raised money to meet a goal of $1,500. Instead, the school raised $2,197, and the money raised goes to the Terry Fox Foundation.

Because of all the money raised, Assiginack Public School gets some rewards like, teachers performing for the school, dressing Mr. Mailloux up (including makeup), and duct taping a teacher to the wall. Robin Ashley McNaughton gets to choose a teacher to duct tape to the wall because she raised the most money in the school.

Brodie Pennie, one of the organizers, said, “It is a great way to raise money and exercise.”

The Terry Fox run was a huge success and thank you for supporting students in this annual event.