Astonishment at the council decision on Wagg’s Wood

The memorial park was established to help remember a Mindemoya founding family

To the Expositor:

The founding families of Mindemoya worked hard to build our town. They struggled and often made great sacrifices. It is important that we remember, and help future generations remember, those who helped create our town. Memorials are created to help us do that. It is astonishing to me that our town council would set out to destroy one of those memorials. Do they think so little of our past and those important people in it that they would take a memorial park apart and sell it off? Wagg’s Wood was established to help remember the Wagg family, who helped turn our town into the thriving place it is. Central Manitoulin’s town council needs to remember those that came before them and show them the respect they deserve.

Liz Gilchrist