Author asks Islanders to imagine life with wind turbines

To the Expositor:

I have tried to explain, as best I can since I haven’t lived it, some of what people have experienced when industrial wind turbines move in next door. I don’t think I’ve succeeded. If people truly understood, they would lay on the road or strap themselves to turbine parts or do anything they could think of to try to stop anymore from being built in this province, far too closely to homes, schools and towns.

Some think they can decide to tolerate it, that they will be okay as if they have a choice and control over noise and vibration assaulting their body and brain. Some think more insulation or burying power lines or plain old will power will overcome this assault. Some think you have to be prone to other problems before it will affect you. Some think they are so healthy and strong that they will be able to handle anything. Reports from across the province and the world do not bear any of these statements out.

I have just heard from another who has, after fighting valiantly for a long time, sold their home with the hell and torment of emotion that comes from being forced into ill health and then forced to leave a dream/nightmare.

Try to sit and take that in for a few minutes. Try to begin to imagine what this would do to you and your family.

How would you manage at your job and your life if you were hardly able to function through the day because you can’t sleep anymore, you can’t think anymore, because you constantly feel unwell, because you are so nauseated you can’t keep food down or your head hurts so badly, you just want to jump off a bridge?

What if you needed to take care of family members who were ill or in need, but you just don’t bring them home because it’s toxic there?

Imagine being completely ignored or denied and dismissed, after two solid years of firm, but polite communication with ministry people, MPPs, etc., asking for help because you are in this desperate and devastating situation through no fault of your own.

Then imagine listening to the likes of Dr. Colby and King (literature review doctors who will not talk to you), Tyler Hamilton (media person), Kris Stevens (special interest group) and Dalton McGuinty and his cast of cronies (politicians), tell everyone there is no problem with wind turbines and health over and over again. How would it sit with you to hear them say that people who are getting paid to host turbines are just fine? This is not true by the way but it becomes another verbal assault and insult to you because no one could pay you enough to live like this.

Imagine sitting during the few times the turbines are down and not running, tensed and waiting for the assault on your body to restart. Imagine the bittersweet joy of hearing a bumblebee and the wind in the trees without turbines whomping in the background, knowing that it’s not going to last for long.

The premier of the province calls you or your sick family member a NIMBY (not in my backyard). How does it feel as Mr. McGuinty looks directly into your eyes, as someone who has been forced from your home by his turbine crusade, while you are holding a sign saying, “I want my home back” and smiles and waves to you as he boards his big election tour bus.

Your doctor changes the subject and becomes distant to you when you try to tell him/her why you are sick. You want to cry as you leave the office, humiliated.

After trying all kinds of legitimate means to make your home healthy again, you finally move out, sometimes for good, sometimes being compensated, sometimes not.

Imagine all of this still swirling around you as you’ve finally had to move out of your toxic home to find some relief.

Lorrie Gillis


Independent researcher for WindVOiCe

Wind Vigilance for Ontario Communities