Automated Licence Plate Recognition Enforcement Initiative

The Greater Sudbury Police Service launched the Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) system in August of 2015. This technology was installed into one of our Traffic Management Unit vehicles. Officers have been trained to utilize this modern technology to detect those drivers who choose to contravene their licence suspensions.

The unique system has three cameras that are able to capture two license plates of any jurisdiction, per second, per camera. In addition to suspended drivers, the onboard computer compares licence plate numbers to a database of unattached plates, expired validations , stolen plates and vehicles in addition to amber alerts.

On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, Officers from the Traffic Management Unit, assisted by Uniform Patrol officers, conducted an enforcement initiative utilizing the ALPR technology. Enforcement was concentrated in the corridor between Chelmsford and Azilda on Municipal Road 35.

As a result of the initiative, a total of 24 traffic stops were conducted resulting in the 33 following charges under the Highway Traffic Act:

5 X Drive while under suspension
15 X Drive motor vehicle with expired validation stickers
4 X Fail to have insurance card/owner operate no insurance
2 X Drive motor vehicle – no license
2 X Fail to surrender license
1 X Fail to surrender permit for motor vehicle
1 X Use plate not authorized for vehicle
1 X Fail to apply for permit on becoming owner
1 X Fail to notify change of address – license
1 X Obstructed windshield