Baiting to hunt is unethical

Dear Editor:

What? Tower stands, camouflaged Gore-Tex, scoped magnum rifles, electronic calls, chemical scent, range finders, GPS and heat seekers were not enough? Now you have to sit over piles of bait too!

I remember when deer hunting was a family affair; lever guns, iron sights and plaid jackets. It certainly never crossed our minds that some entrepreneur would buy up farms, bring in truckloads of bait and sell stands for urban “hunters” to sit over.

I do not know who I hold the most disdain for, perhaps it might be the Federation of Anglers and Hunters who refuse to back the Little Current Fish and Game Club’s proposal to curtail this abomination. It is only one more reason why I would never again belong to the OFAH. In my opinion they are all about backing the outfitters and screwing over we regular resident hunters.

Now I have to admit right here that I guided Yankee bear hunters and baited for them, but I never felt good about it. I felt…ashamed. To see some Chimookamonnug crowing about sitting on his fat behind and shooting a walking stomach I had baited in sickened me. I didn’t do it long and I never shot a bear over bait myself. I didn’t have to; I am a hunter.

I consider it unethical to bait. What’s next, poisoning salt licks?

Charlie Smith