Bear sighted in Town of Gore Bay

GORE BAY—At least one bear has been spotted within the Town of Gore Bay by several residents.

“I saw a bear on Sunday morning at 6:30 am,” Marilyn Clarke told the Recorder late last week. She was out walking her dog when she saw the bear, “at the shower house (down at the docks). As soon as I saw it we high-tailed it the other way before the dog got a whiff of the bear and decided to go after it.”

After getting back home (on Borron Street) and dropping her dog off, Ms. Clarke got into her car, “to investigate whether it was actually a bear or a big dog that I saw. I thought it was a bear but at that time of the morning when it’s so dark out it can be hard to tell.”

Ms. Clarke explained, “I then saw the bear near the tennis courts, and then it walked behind Island Goods so I wasn’t able to see it again. I wouldn’t say it was a gigantic bear, I would say it was a medium-size bear.”

She pointed out that she along with Phyllis Cook, Leigh Major and Nicole McIvor have seen the bear, or at least evidence of it, recently. “On Tuesday there was bear scat on my yard, Phylllis’s and Devin Wheale’s. Nicole (McIvor) also saw a bear on Borron and Meredith Streets coming down from the courthouse area.”

“I feel with the amount of bear scat being found in the neighbourhood, and many sightings of the bear, that it actually is roaming the town,” said Ms. Clarke. She has contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) “who have told me their hands are tied unless the bear is aggressive.”