Bob Case named School Bus Driver of the Year

Assiginack Councillor Bob Case, who is also a school bus driver for Brown’s Busing, is joined by some of his students as they honour him and his Bus Driver of the Year award.

MANITOWANING—At an April meeting of Assiginack council, Councillor Bob Case, who also drives school bus for Brown’s Busing, was feted by his fellow councillors and student charges for his Bus Driver of the Year award, handed out by the Sudbury Student Services Consortium.

Mr. Case’s riders had plenty to say about their favourite bus driver.

“He is the best driver I ever had,” Rachel Deforge says of Mr. Case.

“He is awesome!” enthuses Skye Setterington. “He always greets us when we get on and off the bus,” sister Macie adds.

“He has a great sense of humour,” Chloe Otosquaiob says.

Mr. Case has been driving school bus for Brown’s since September 2002 and was actually given the honour at a special luncheon among his peers in the fall of last year.

“This award rewards those who drive and encourages people to think about driving bus,” says Robert Brown of Brown’s Busing. “The roads are a dangerous place and these guys are trained to the hilt.”

“If I drive his run as a spare,” Mr. Brown notes, “the little kids are all asking ‘where’s Bob?’ That just speaks volumes. Bus drivers have a major influence on kids. For some kids, the one consistency in life is the bus driver.”

“We’re happy to have Bob on board with the kids,” he adds.

“I think Bob goes above and beyond,” says Assiginack Public School Principal Maria Bouwmeester. “He is dedicated to the students’ safety.”