Breast cancer survivor lauds Vicky Corbiere

To the Expositor:

The following is being submitted for placing on your letters to the editor page.

A big “thank you” to Vicky Corbiere who organized Love That ‘50s Sound event and to all those who helped.

I am a great aunt of Vicky and was born on Manitoulin Island. I left there with my parents at the age of 10, but always travelled back to visit my sister. It has now been eight years ago that she passed away. She was Vicky’s grandma, Jean Lanktree.

I am a survivor of breast cancer for 39 years, and back then we had to travel to Toronto. I spent 3-1/2 weeks at the Princess Margaret Lodge, and let me tell you “it was a home away from home.” At that time it was called cobalt treatment.

It’s so great that people don’t have to travel so far anymore. I was checked every year for 10 years, the last being at the Cancer Centre when it opened up in Sudbury.

Vicky, there is a cheque in the mail to Mindemoya Auxiliary to the Chemo Room.

I am 93 years young and doing well.

Nelda (Bowser) Cyr